The Zen Garden

zen gardenDid you know gardening and landscaping is also very helpful in keeping a sound mind and a healthy body? Some research show that those people who indulge in gardening tend to live a healthier life that those who do not. Landscaping is not just for the satisfaction of people’s eyes, it has also has other benefits.

Would you believe that you actually get healthy or healthier when you do your favorite past time? And it’s not just that, you are also making your surroundings beautiful. We will reveal the magic in gardening that you are enjoying or will be enjoying (that is if you are not into gardening but will be into gardening once you finish reading this article).

Keeping a Healthy Body

Yes, in gardening and landscaping you are also maintaining a healthy body. We all know that a garden and landscape maintenance requires a lot of effort and hard work. By maintaining the aesthetic value and beauty of your garden, you, as the owner, would be required to do the maintenance or else you would be spending money on hiring a gardener to do the job.

We exert effort in gardening and landscaping in a regular basis that it has become a routine for some people. This routine of putting effort and working hard is like exercising while you enjoy your garden. And here’s the magic in it – you don’t even realize that you have been doing rigorous exercises the whole time.

Stress Buster

At times when you think that life is just too complicated or when you have tons of problem at home or work, you become so stressed. Most people, especially women, tend to go to their gardens and pour out all the frustrations in garden work. And it’s like magic that they tend to forget and much better think of solutions to their problems.

It can be explained that when a person is into gardening, his or her concentration is poured into the work and not into the problem. Adding up to that is the fact that the landscape or scenery is beautiful and relaxing which also helps calm down a person’s feelings and emotions. If this happens, stress is released and the mind and brain is relaxed.

Beauty to the Heart

Stress relief, as discussed earlier, helps calm our system. When a person maintains or does gardening, he or she is most likely to be freed from that stress. A stress-free mind helps maintain a healthy heart.

As science explains, the human body is interconnected. A person’s emotions can trigger other body parts to function abnormally, like the heart. When someone is stressed out of is having a bad and stressful day, the brain triggers the heart to pump harder and thus elevating blood pressure that may sometimes be fatal.

Keeping a garden or staring at a beautiful landscape can help relieve these problems. Plus, it also helps the environment by cleaning the air we breathe!

It’s so beneficial to keep and make your own landscaped garden!

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