How To: Gardening in San Francisco Soil

soilPlants need more than just water and good temperature to survive. Anyone who has ever gardened knows the importance of a good soil. Whatever it is that you decide to plant will be more likely to thrive if you know the type of soil it should be planted into.

Dealing with San Francisco soil offers lots of challenges for the San Francisco gardener. Basically, the type of soil in San Francisco is greatly affected by the environmental climate.

If you live in a particular area with a soil type that already contains lots of organic matter, then you are lucky enough to start your own garden. If you reside in San Francisco and plan to create your own garden, it is important that you are knowledgeable of certain details such as the following:

Certain Rules Apply

Decide on which type of garden you would want to create. It mainly depends on the location and what type of garden activity you would like to pursue. Home garden, Rooftop garden, Garden on privately-owned land, etc. Research on the codes and regulations governing gardening in San Francisco. Some require a permit before starting certain operations.

San Francisco has Micro-climates

Some of them are known as sunny, foggy, and transition. That’s just to name a few. Choose the right types of plants to grow by researching first before buying.

Watch Out for Fungal Diseases Due to the Cold Weather

The damp condition causes powdery mildew, a fungal disease which a particular problem in edible crops. Be prepared for certain conditions by reading and knowing how to prevent or cure such occurrence.

Keep an Eye on Garden Weeds

Some of the weeds that grow in your fences can be very difficult to remove. It is best to get rid of them in the earliest time possible. Make sure to be blanket mulching as well.

Growing Flowers in San Francisco Requires Patience and Caution

Watering roses should always be underneath and never over head to minimize fungal diseases.

Growing Vegetables Issues

Growing veggies such as broccoli, carrots, and radishes won’t be much of a hassle even when the climate gets foggy. Whereas tomatoes, basil, and corn require sunnier areas.

Growing Tropical Plants Take a Long Process

Growing tropical plants such as bamboo, ferns, orchids, palm trees and banana leaf plants require a process. These should be planted early in early spring time (on the last cold day) so that they can adapt in the coldness of winter. Always choose to grow this type of plants in a sheltered location. Cover these plants when winter season comes.

These are few of the things that you need to know when planning to pursue a gardening activity in San Francisco. From the rules, the cold summer fog, to the lack of summer heat, every San Francisco gardener should be ready to face these challenges.

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