What to Consider in Buying Plants for Small Gardens

So you want to have that dream garden but don’t have the luxury of space? You want to have a magical and peaceful sanctuary even at the back of your home but can’t decide well what to include in your garden because you have so little space?

Well, the difficulty of the problem actually lies in choosing the plants you will actually include in your garden. You really need to choose the best plants that would serve their purpose in your garden and not just simply decide what plants to have on an impulse and without proper discernment.

Before you decide to buy plants or plant those needed things in your dream garden, you need to come up with a checklist or a guide for you to be able to choose wisely and for you to achieve the transformation of your small piece of land into a landscaping masterpiece.

Does it suit your budget?

Maintaining a small garden should be less costly than its bigger counterparts and so, you should have that idea of not having to spend more on the less space that you have. You have to check whether you have the budget for the plants you will buy or whether you have what it takes economically speaking to maintain them.

Does it suit your planned design?

If you plan on having that Zen garden style incorporated in your garden, then it is only proper that you buy plants that are also related to your theme. Buying plants that don’t actually suit your garden style might destroy the balance and the overall composition of your garden and so you must be careful in conceptualizing what style you want to incorporate, more so, be more careful on what plants to include.

Does it fit in the size of your garden?

Having a small garden also means choosing to put small plants or plants that won’t appear oversized in your little space. The challenge of putting up with a small space lies in having to position your plants accordingly without making your garden look cluttered. And so, the size of the plant you must buy must also be in sync with the size of your garden.

Does it have to be so colorful?

You can start with choosing plants according to three color classifications only. Do you plan on having a garden dominated by red, yellow and white? Then choose plants that would also be classified in your color preferences. Having a theme is so much better because you can break down what kinds of plants you can actually put and there won’t be too much diversity. Too much diversity on your color preferences will make your garden look cluttered and less refined. Instead of having a wonderful display, you might just end up having a garden of mess.

Does it have the ability to survive your setting?

Before buying your plant, one important thing to consider is the plants adaptability to your setting. You should really know what plants will thrive in your area and decide on buying those plants. Buying a plant that can’t survive your area might just cause harm to your plant until it eventually withers. So spare yourself the hassle of spending on a plant that can’t survive in your garden setting and start looking for plants that will have that long lasting appeal.

If you are even serious about having a garden with just little space, now is the time you start conceptualizing and thinking what plants to include, keeping in mind that you should be able to create a landscape masterpiece with the little space you have. Choose your plants wisely and achieve that garden you’ve always been dreaming of.

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