How to Make the Most Out of a Small Garden Space

Who wouldn’t love to have their own version of the secret garden or a miniature replica of The Garden of Versailles in their own backyard?

Most of us do want to have that magical and peaceful sanctuary even at the back of our homes but some of us can’t achieve it simply because our place is too small to accommodate our chosen landscape setting.

Many garden design books have shared tips on how to achieve that dream garden – the principles, rules and elements that all contribute into creating a really wonderful garden you can be proud of. However, most tips provided are only applicable for those who have a huge space to work on.

Gardening in a small space has many limitations but it shouldn’t be a hindrance in transforming a small piece of land into a landscape masterpiece. The key is just to use the available space and use it well.

The advantages of having a small garden include the following:

You can give attention to every garden detail

Having a small garden can actually give the gardener a chance to fully explore the depths of the garden. You can give full attention because you don’t need to check on a very large space and every area can be checked even just in a short period of time.

You can keep up with the maintenance

Maintaining a garden can be very hard at times, especially when you’re on a budget. Having a small garden lessens the chances of having to spend too much on garden maintenance. Instead of spending a lot of money maintaining the garden, you can invest instead on more pieces or ideas that can further improve and beautify the garden.

You can make it as an entertainment or leisure space

Having a small garden in your backyard can actually give you that quiet space you will eventually need. Having a large garden requires a lot of work but a small space for a garden can provide you leisure while you tend to it personally, without having the need to hire gardeners, lawn-mowers and a large creative team for its landscape because you can all do it on your own.

The real task in making the most out of your small garden space, however, is to face the challenge of landscaping that comes with it.

Making choices of what to accommodate

Having a limited space also means having to choose what elements to include in your garden. You can have everything in a very small space so you have to choose carefully what plants to include, what garden ornaments to put, and among other decisions, you have to make to ensure that your garden may be small but it won’t be trashy.

Your garden is seen as a whole

Having a small garden means that people can see whatever is in it in a glance. Visitors don’t have to explore too far just to see what plants and elements you have included on your garden and so, the challenge lies on having people see your garden as a whole, including all of its compositions. So you really have to be careful not to miss on certain things that can really destroy the balance of your small garden space.

Every feature should serve a purpose

Every little part of the garden must have a purpose why it was included there because nothing should ever go to waste on your small garden space. So ignore that impulse to buy a plant or a garden ornament, thinking you will just find a place for it just to have. Every acquisition must have a purpose.

So, having that limited garden space should not hinder you from having a landscape masterpiece. Instead, you should take it as a challenge – a challenge to go out of the box and make the most out of your small garden space.

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