5 Effective Ways To Save Money On Your Reno Landscaping Project

The fall season has meant a lot of things for us:  relaxation, beginning of school, a new chapter of school, and a chance to start your landscaping project. Have you already made a plan for it? Or do your already have a sketch of how you want it to look like? In terms of a landscaping project, what worries us most is the budget – it really makes a huge impact in planning and construction.

Yes, when it comes to landscaping, you want to achieve your dream design but then again you fear that it will bust your budget, hence you end up changing the design instead. Then, sometimes, other people end up compromising quality just to meet the budget (which is not a good thing). Hiring landscapers in Reno, Nevada to do that job would cost you more but that’s for a good reason. Let the experts do the job, collaborate with them and state what you want.

The question you might probably have is, “how can I save money”? Landscaping projects can be pricey and you know that, however, it is not impossible to save money along the way. If you’re thinking of cheaping out, scratch it! Buying cheap materials will not guarantee a safe and beautiful effect, it’ll just turn out ordinary. Plus. If it’s low quality, you’re more likely to spend more in replacing it.

What you have to do is strategic planning: thoroughly think about the design, consider your budget, materials and ways to cut costs without cutting corners. If you’re eager to start your dream landscaping project, you can do so by finding creative ways to work within your budget. Here are five tips that you can consider for your project.


  1. Be Efficient, Maximize Space.

You can reorganize or rearrange the plants, shrubs, trees and other features in your garden or lawn in order to maximize space. There’s no need to add extra space that will cost you more, instead, you can turn it into something great while giving the illusion that it is bigger than it really is. Here are some design ideas you could use to achieve this:

  • Grow plants vertically in order to increase the scale of space.
  • Create different levels of interest by breaking up the entire space into smaller rooms.
  • Give your space the illusion of being bigger by creating a view along the diagonal of the yard. Try adding tile patterns to extend the dimensions.
  • Use focal points and incorporate it into rules of perspective. Add accents with containers full of blooming annuals or perennials.

Reno’s climate is mostly sunny, hence, you can make use of the natural light to add effects that can make your space look bigger.

  1. Lighten The Mood

Bring a better mood into your front or back yard by adding lighting to your landscaping project. Illuminating your exterior using outdoor lighting to highlight landscape design is a great addition not only to increase aesthetics but also curb appeal.

However, before you finalize your decision in installing it, you have to determine the purpose of doing so, whether you want to set a cozy mood after the sun sets or you just want to brighten the shadowy part of your yard. Now, one way to save money is to use LED landscape lighting. Moreover, in purchasing the lighting to be used, you have to consider these:

  • Lifespan – LED lights have longer lifetime system compared to other halogen systems, hence, you can cut down cost on maintenance and replacement of bulbs.
  • Energy – the energy conservation of LED lights, which uses low voltage will certainly aid in saving money.
  • Safety – LED lighting is more energy efficient, they radiate less heat, making the fixtures the safest choice for your landscape.

In Reno, LED lights are safer since rotating search lights or any animated lights (which are mostly halogens) are prohibited in any district, hence, you can avoid any violations from the municipal office. Exterior lighting installation has to undergo approval and inspection from the municipal authorities. Also, low pressure sodium lighting should not be used.

  1. Price Match

As what we have said, you don’t have to cheap out. In choosing or looking for materials, you can always compare the price of the items. For example, you are looking for a mulch or artificial turf, all you have to do is conduct a survey whether which store sells the same type of mulch or artificial mulch but with a lesser price.

Other stores may have different names to call it but you can always look carefully. Might as well wait for seasonal discounts and sales in order to save more money.

Don’t be shy to ask for discounts or shop more when the store is on sale, it’s your way of saving up. Also, purchasing mulch in bulk can save you the trip to the store and it will cost lesser compared to buying in retail.

Plus, it’s important that you determine the plants that flourish in Reno soil before spending money on purchasing. Like choosing the perfect grass type for your lawn such as Bermuda grass, Perennial Rye grass, Kentucky Blue grass and Fescue Mix.


  1. Break It Down

Don’t get overwhelmed with your landscaping project and do it all at once. Divide each job into smaller tasks especially when you are planning. For example, you’re planning for edge around walks, flower beds, and walls – you have to do it one task at a time.

The reason for this is for you not to lose track of what you’re doing. In that way, you can keep your budget within reach as well as you can achieve the dream landscaping you desire.

Doing the project all at once could lead to common landscaping pitfalls and in the end, you’ll end up spending money in repairs. Whether you go for DIY or hire experienced contractors, it’s always better to do this.

Now, before you start making any fences or building walls for your landscaping project, it’s necessary that you comply building permits and required documents from the local planning and division office. Also, according to Reno Municipal Code, the use of razor ribbon or razor tape fencing is prohibited, except in coincidence with a jail or other public detention or correctional facility.


  1. Do-It-Yourself

Now, if you really want to save up, you can start your landscaping project on your own – do as much DIY as you could possibly do. It all depends on your creativity as well as how handy you are. This can be a very time-consuming task to do but not impossible.

You can check the library for do-it-yourself books, or watch videos on how to do the simple tasks involved in your landscaping project. Aside from that, you can refer to photos for the design and colors that you want to apply to your design. Through this, you can keep your money aside because you will no longer have to pay for the contractor for the extra job.


Landscaping indeed requires adequate planning for all the things to come into order. This fall season is the perfect time to start your dream project and consider these money-saving tips. Furthermore, it’s an ideal time to start planting for your garden so that it’ll be blooming when spring comes.

Few other reminders: never trust an inexperienced landscape contractor to do your projects because you are just putting yourself and your family in danger. Yes, you can go for DIY renovations but not in everything, there is stuff that must be done by professionals.

There are also things that need to be done by experts such as the installation of landscape lighting; for this, you might want to seek help because if you mess up, it’ll take a lot of money to fix it up. After you have everything put together, voila! You have you dream landscaping project without spending much.




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