Do You Make These 5 Common Landscape Plantings Mistakes On Your Victorville Landscaping Project?

Aside from bringing change in weather, fall has been an ideal season when people go on a landscaping project or lawn remodeling spree. Most of us are planning to have our landscaping project started or upgrade existing lawn to give this season a fantastic welcome – and have a blast in spring.

Also, landscaping entails a new chapter of our lives and a more positive vibe. This is why everyone is excited to get started on the lawn transformation project. However, along with this, there are various potential drawbacks that might be encountered by anyone, including you. No matter how much effort you put into it, still mistakes arise on the occasion because of some factors that trigger it.

In developing a plan for your landscaping project, you have to include the possibilities that there will be errors along the way, but, as much as possible it should be dodged. For most of us, the entire landscape and garden are the most important space. It is where the magic of colorful and lush backdrop and you don’t want to invest on something that would eventually turn into trash, right?

In full measure, you want your dream landscaping to be perfect, specifically the planting phase. Well then, you have to carefully lay out a plan and ponder on the things that are deemed to be most relevant. Be careful in every step and avoid possible pitfalls. To help you out with it, five common landscape planting mistakes you should be aware of.


#1: Excessive Planting

Alright, when we speak of landscaping, it doesn’t mean that you just have to plant excessively without thinking about how it would look like or a plan prior to it. Digging and planting is not as simple as it may seem – certainly, you can’t just plant anything, everywhere you want. For example, planting small trees too close to shrubs for the main reason of giving it an instant mature look. Well, this is a very bad idea because when these trees and shrubs grow, it’ll end up as a crowded landscaping. This situation can be dealt with proper planting and having a well-designed plan beforehand.

• What is the proper way of planting?

In order to avoid overcrowding, you have to determine the mature size of plants you’re going to cultivate and give them room for growth. Temporarily, you can fill the spaces with annuals that thrive in high desert soil specifically in Victorville. Choose the perfect location to plant your seeds, shrubs or flowers and keep them hydrated properly. You can plant in rows, or in a definite pattern.

• Well-designed plan

Now, we’ve mentioned several times that you just can’t plant anywhere you want. Hence, it’s paramount that you should start with a well-designed plan and follow it accordingly in order to avoid excessive planting. Draw your plan on a graph paper, mark columns, rows or patterns for you to follow when you start digging and planting.


#2: Cluttered Lawn Areas

Most people ignore the idea of having an organized lawn areas, especially when trees are concerned. Scattered trees all over the lawn are not appealing at all and it only represents the fact that there was no thorough planning done at all. Now, trees should be placed appropriately as well as shrubs and flowers.

Pile up some stones or bricks around the trees when you add mulch to avoid debris from scattering. When it comes to trees, a decision in haste can lead to a lifetime of regret. Hence, you SHOULD take the time to plan its location and how to select the best trees.


#3: Neglect Of Turf Care

When you’re ready to give everything to your landscaping project, the responsibility to take good care of your turf comes with it. Remember, turf care plays a crucial role in the overall impact of your landscaping, in fact, it’s part of the planting task that you have to pay attention to. Of course, you have to determine what type of lawn seed to plant in our back yard. In this phase, you have to consider climate, the wind, and soil type.


• What’s the Best Grass For High Desert Landscaping?
There are four types of grass that thrive and grow well in high desert soil, including Victorville, namely:

1. Zoysia Grass – this grass type is flexible, slow growing, and is highly drought tolerant.
2. Bermuda Grass – reacts well to watering, highly drought tolerant, but needs lots of mowing.
3. Fescue – this grass type is a cool season grass which is also considered to have a high tolerance to drought and absorbs water well after drought.
4. Buffalo Grass – this is a warm season grass but tolerates cold. This grass type is also highly drought tolerant.

• Proper Lawn Maintenance
After selecting the best grass type, it’s imperative that you give your lawn a tender, loving, care by observing the following:

1. Loosening soil with use of proper aerator or aeration procedures
2. Adding fertilizer
3. Spreading mulch
4. Raking leaves
5. De-thatching
6. Proper Irrigation and Efficient Watering System


#4: Too Tall Plants And Shrubs

When plants, trees, and shrubs mature, they tend to grow tall that they cover windows and no longer enhance curb appeal or add interest to it. Aside from that, plants and shrubs that tend to grow tall shadow plants near it, making others compete for light and other nutrients. If you think that shearing is the best way to control the height, you’re wrong. On the contrary, this procedure weakens and disfigures shrubs.

In order to avoid committing this mistake, here are steps you can do:
• Choose plants, shrubs or trees that would best fit the location in your landscaping. Determine its size and height when they mature.
• Selectively clip stray shoots to keep the plant neat, full and open.
• To help reduce competition tall plants create, consistent pruning is a must. If not, you can also remove plants.

Furthermore, you have to observe the policies, standards, and regulations implemented in the city ordinance of Victorville in terms of landscaping.


#5: Cramped Looking Plants

Have you ever seen a cramped-looking landscape? A landscape with unorganized, unattractive, nonfunctional and unfriendly planting is how to describe it. This is not just a mistake but a total nightmare for those who remodels their landscaping or starts a new one, including you. Cramped-looking plants may also be a safety and/or fire hazard or damage the foundation especially in the high desert community, as well as Victorville.

Instead, plant in small, irregular clusters or islands. Also, include a variety of plant types and species in your landscape. This technique is best for Victorville or any other districts that belong in the high desert community to avoid potential brush fires.


Overall, landscaping projects need proper planning especially in terms of planting just as much as you plan for the entire renovation of your property, may it be exterior or interior. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can opt not to hire professional contractors. However, for optimum results and guaranteed-safe landscaping project, it’s best to hire a credible Victorville landscaping company.

If you wish to have a beautiful and efficient landscaping makeover, then don’t cheap out. Leave the work to those who have ample experience and skills and just wait patiently. After that, you can marvel at the beauty of your new and improved landscaping project!

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