Rock & Stone Gardens

A variety of plants can be difficult to thrive in some parts of the country. For instance, desert regions have far fewer options for your landscaping than in more fertile areas.  Many people don’t want to add additional cactus and other plants like this so when looking for unique and beautiful options they turn to natural rocks and stones.


Rock and stone gardens are technically not a garden at all. However, they can really add a lot to the look and feel of your property.  Even in areas where it is possible to grow a wide range of plants, they are a great option to consider.  The following are important things to know before you start out your own rock and stone garden:

Know What Rock & Stone Gardens Are

A rock garden is loosely defined as any garden in which rocks and stones play a large role in.  This can mean that it is an entire area which is dedicated only to rocks and stones, or a traditional garden with plants that are surrounded by rocks.  In almost all cases these gardens will have many rocks which are of a variety of different sizes, shapes and colors.

As there are so many different types of rocks on the earth, and they can be placed anywhere without having to worry about climate or soil type like you do with plants.  Rock gardens also don’t require any sort of ongoing maintenance like pruning or trimming like plants do.  For many people this is a huge benefit because they get to enjoy the beauty of the rocks without any of the work commonly associated with gardening.

Determine The Size of Rock Gardens

One nice thing about this type of landscaping is that you can choose to make it virtually any size or shape you’d like.  Many people will take an entire backyard and add all sorts of rocks to give it depth and character which might not otherwise be possible.  You can use rocks to make walking paths or to segment your yard based on other factors.

There are so few things to worry about when choosing rocks that they are widely considered to be the best option for those who don’t have the time to put much ongoing work into their yard, but still want to have natural beauty.   This type of addition to a yard is truly ideal for the busy family who can’t keep up on traditional landscaping, or those who are older and can’t handle the difficult work required to keep a normal garden growing properly.  Of course, it is also ideal for anyone who just loves the look of a great rock and stone garden.

Combine Rock Gardens with Living Plants

Combining rocks and living plants together in one area is a great way to have an entirely natural environment which still has starkly contrasting looks and feels.  In some areas the rocks will eventually grow moss on them as well which will give an entirely different look than a bare rock area would.  Nature is a wonderful thing in that it is always changing and moving so even something as simple as a rock garden may just surprise you at its diversity.

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