Do You Make These 5 Common Landscape Plantings Mistakes On Your Victorville Landscaping Project?

Aside from bringing change in weather, fall has been an ideal season when people go on a landscaping project or lawn remodeling spree. Most of us are planning to have our landscaping project started or upgrade existing lawn to give this season a fantastic welcome – and have a blast in spring.

Also, landscaping entails a new chapter of our lives and a more positive vibe. This is why everyone is excited to get started on the lawn transformation project. However, along with this, there are various potential drawbacks that might be encountered by anyone, including you. No matter how much effort you put into it, still mistakes arise on the occasion because of some factors that trigger it.

In developing a plan for your landscaping project, you have to include the possibilities that there will be errors along the way, but, as much as possible it should be dodged. For most of us, the entire landscape and garden are the most important space. It is where the magic of colorful and lush backdrop and you don’t want to invest on something that would eventually turn into trash, right?

In full measure, you want your dream landscaping to be perfect, specifically the planting phase. Well then, you have to carefully lay out a plan and ponder on the things that are deemed to be most relevant. Be careful in every step and avoid possible pitfalls. To help you out with it, five common landscape planting mistakes you should be aware of.


#1: Excessive Planting

Alright, when we speak of landscaping, it doesn’t mean that you just have to plant excessively without thinking about how it would look like or a plan prior to it. Digging and planting is not as simple as it may seem – certainly, you can’t just plant anything, everywhere you want. For example, planting small trees too close to shrubs for the main reason of giving it an instant mature look. Well, this is a very bad idea because when these trees and shrubs grow, it’ll end up as a crowded landscaping. This situation can be dealt with proper planting and having a well-designed plan beforehand.

• What is the proper way of planting?

In order to avoid overcrowding, you have to determine the mature size of plants you’re going to cultivate and give them room for growth. Temporarily, you can fill the spaces with annuals that thrive in high desert soil specifically in Victorville. Choose the perfect location to plant your seeds, shrubs or flowers and keep them hydrated properly. You can plant in rows, or in a definite pattern.

• Well-designed plan

Now, we’ve mentioned several times that you just can’t plant anywhere you want. Hence, it’s paramount that you should start with a well-designed plan and follow it accordingly in order to avoid excessive planting. Draw your plan on a graph paper, mark columns, rows or patterns for you to follow when you start digging and planting.


#2: Cluttered Lawn Areas

Most people ignore the idea of having an organized lawn areas, especially when trees are concerned. Scattered trees all over the lawn are not appealing at all and it only represents the fact that there was no thorough planning done at all. Now, trees should be placed appropriately as well as shrubs and flowers.

Pile up some stones or bricks around the trees when you add mulch to avoid debris from scattering. When it comes to trees, a decision in haste can lead to a lifetime of regret. Hence, you SHOULD take the time to plan its location and how to select the best trees.


#3: Neglect Of Turf Care

When you’re ready to give everything to your landscaping project, the responsibility to take good care of your turf comes with it. Remember, turf care plays a crucial role in the overall impact of your landscaping, in fact, it’s part of the planting task that you have to pay attention to. Of course, you have to determine what type of lawn seed to plant in our back yard. In this phase, you have to consider climate, the wind, and soil type.


• What’s the Best Grass For High Desert Landscaping?
There are four types of grass that thrive and grow well in high desert soil, including Victorville, namely:

1. Zoysia Grass – this grass type is flexible, slow growing, and is highly drought tolerant.
2. Bermuda Grass – reacts well to watering, highly drought tolerant, but needs lots of mowing.
3. Fescue – this grass type is a cool season grass which is also considered to have a high tolerance to drought and absorbs water well after drought.
4. Buffalo Grass – this is a warm season grass but tolerates cold. This grass type is also highly drought tolerant.

• Proper Lawn Maintenance
After selecting the best grass type, it’s imperative that you give your lawn a tender, loving, care by observing the following:

1. Loosening soil with use of proper aerator or aeration procedures
2. Adding fertilizer
3. Spreading mulch
4. Raking leaves
5. De-thatching
6. Proper Irrigation and Efficient Watering System


#4: Too Tall Plants And Shrubs

When plants, trees, and shrubs mature, they tend to grow tall that they cover windows and no longer enhance curb appeal or add interest to it. Aside from that, plants and shrubs that tend to grow tall shadow plants near it, making others compete for light and other nutrients. If you think that shearing is the best way to control the height, you’re wrong. On the contrary, this procedure weakens and disfigures shrubs.

In order to avoid committing this mistake, here are steps you can do:
• Choose plants, shrubs or trees that would best fit the location in your landscaping. Determine its size and height when they mature.
• Selectively clip stray shoots to keep the plant neat, full and open.
• To help reduce competition tall plants create, consistent pruning is a must. If not, you can also remove plants.

Furthermore, you have to observe the policies, standards, and regulations implemented in the city ordinance of Victorville in terms of landscaping.


#5: Cramped Looking Plants

Have you ever seen a cramped-looking landscape? A landscape with unorganized, unattractive, nonfunctional and unfriendly planting is how to describe it. This is not just a mistake but a total nightmare for those who remodels their landscaping or starts a new one, including you. Cramped-looking plants may also be a safety and/or fire hazard or damage the foundation especially in the high desert community, as well as Victorville.

Instead, plant in small, irregular clusters or islands. Also, include a variety of plant types and species in your landscape. This technique is best for Victorville or any other districts that belong in the high desert community to avoid potential brush fires.


Overall, landscaping projects need proper planning especially in terms of planting just as much as you plan for the entire renovation of your property, may it be exterior or interior. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can opt not to hire professional contractors. However, for optimum results and guaranteed-safe landscaping project, it’s best to hire a credible Victorville landscaping company.

If you wish to have a beautiful and efficient landscaping makeover, then don’t cheap out. Leave the work to those who have ample experience and skills and just wait patiently. After that, you can marvel at the beauty of your new and improved landscaping project!

5 Effective Ways To Save Money On Your Reno Landscaping Project

The fall season has meant a lot of things for us:  relaxation, beginning of school, a new chapter of school, and a chance to start your landscaping project. Have you already made a plan for it? Or do your already have a sketch of how you want it to look like? In terms of a landscaping project, what worries us most is the budget – it really makes a huge impact in planning and construction.

Yes, when it comes to landscaping, you want to achieve your dream design but then again you fear that it will bust your budget, hence you end up changing the design instead. Then, sometimes, other people end up compromising quality just to meet the budget (which is not a good thing). Hiring landscapers in Reno, Nevada to do that job would cost you more but that’s for a good reason. Let the experts do the job, collaborate with them and state what you want.

The question you might probably have is, “how can I save money”? Landscaping projects can be pricey and you know that, however, it is not impossible to save money along the way. If you’re thinking of cheaping out, scratch it! Buying cheap materials will not guarantee a safe and beautiful effect, it’ll just turn out ordinary. Plus. If it’s low quality, you’re more likely to spend more in replacing it.

What you have to do is strategic planning: thoroughly think about the design, consider your budget, materials and ways to cut costs without cutting corners. If you’re eager to start your dream landscaping project, you can do so by finding creative ways to work within your budget. Here are five tips that you can consider for your project.


  1. Be Efficient, Maximize Space.

You can reorganize or rearrange the plants, shrubs, trees and other features in your garden or lawn in order to maximize space. There’s no need to add extra space that will cost you more, instead, you can turn it into something great while giving the illusion that it is bigger than it really is. Here are some design ideas you could use to achieve this:

  • Grow plants vertically in order to increase the scale of space.
  • Create different levels of interest by breaking up the entire space into smaller rooms.
  • Give your space the illusion of being bigger by creating a view along the diagonal of the yard. Try adding tile patterns to extend the dimensions.
  • Use focal points and incorporate it into rules of perspective. Add accents with containers full of blooming annuals or perennials.

Reno’s climate is mostly sunny, hence, you can make use of the natural light to add effects that can make your space look bigger.

  1. Lighten The Mood

Bring a better mood into your front or back yard by adding lighting to your landscaping project. Illuminating your exterior using outdoor lighting to highlight landscape design is a great addition not only to increase aesthetics but also curb appeal.

However, before you finalize your decision in installing it, you have to determine the purpose of doing so, whether you want to set a cozy mood after the sun sets or you just want to brighten the shadowy part of your yard. Now, one way to save money is to use LED landscape lighting. Moreover, in purchasing the lighting to be used, you have to consider these:

  • Lifespan – LED lights have longer lifetime system compared to other halogen systems, hence, you can cut down cost on maintenance and replacement of bulbs.
  • Energy – the energy conservation of LED lights, which uses low voltage will certainly aid in saving money.
  • Safety – LED lighting is more energy efficient, they radiate less heat, making the fixtures the safest choice for your landscape.

In Reno, LED lights are safer since rotating search lights or any animated lights (which are mostly halogens) are prohibited in any district, hence, you can avoid any violations from the municipal office. Exterior lighting installation has to undergo approval and inspection from the municipal authorities. Also, low pressure sodium lighting should not be used.

  1. Price Match

As what we have said, you don’t have to cheap out. In choosing or looking for materials, you can always compare the price of the items. For example, you are looking for a mulch or artificial turf, all you have to do is conduct a survey whether which store sells the same type of mulch or artificial mulch but with a lesser price.

Other stores may have different names to call it but you can always look carefully. Might as well wait for seasonal discounts and sales in order to save more money.

Don’t be shy to ask for discounts or shop more when the store is on sale, it’s your way of saving up. Also, purchasing mulch in bulk can save you the trip to the store and it will cost lesser compared to buying in retail.

Plus, it’s important that you determine the plants that flourish in Reno soil before spending money on purchasing. Like choosing the perfect grass type for your lawn such as Bermuda grass, Perennial Rye grass, Kentucky Blue grass and Fescue Mix.


  1. Break It Down

Don’t get overwhelmed with your landscaping project and do it all at once. Divide each job into smaller tasks especially when you are planning. For example, you’re planning for edge around walks, flower beds, and walls – you have to do it one task at a time.

The reason for this is for you not to lose track of what you’re doing. In that way, you can keep your budget within reach as well as you can achieve the dream landscaping you desire.

Doing the project all at once could lead to common landscaping pitfalls and in the end, you’ll end up spending money in repairs. Whether you go for DIY or hire experienced contractors, it’s always better to do this.

Now, before you start making any fences or building walls for your landscaping project, it’s necessary that you comply building permits and required documents from the local planning and division office. Also, according to Reno Municipal Code, the use of razor ribbon or razor tape fencing is prohibited, except in coincidence with a jail or other public detention or correctional facility.


  1. Do-It-Yourself

Now, if you really want to save up, you can start your landscaping project on your own – do as much DIY as you could possibly do. It all depends on your creativity as well as how handy you are. This can be a very time-consuming task to do but not impossible.

You can check the library for do-it-yourself books, or watch videos on how to do the simple tasks involved in your landscaping project. Aside from that, you can refer to photos for the design and colors that you want to apply to your design. Through this, you can keep your money aside because you will no longer have to pay for the contractor for the extra job.


Landscaping indeed requires adequate planning for all the things to come into order. This fall season is the perfect time to start your dream project and consider these money-saving tips. Furthermore, it’s an ideal time to start planting for your garden so that it’ll be blooming when spring comes.

Few other reminders: never trust an inexperienced landscape contractor to do your projects because you are just putting yourself and your family in danger. Yes, you can go for DIY renovations but not in everything, there is stuff that must be done by professionals.

There are also things that need to be done by experts such as the installation of landscape lighting; for this, you might want to seek help because if you mess up, it’ll take a lot of money to fix it up. After you have everything put together, voila! You have you dream landscaping project without spending much.




Fall Landscaping Secrets: 7 Things You Should Know About Proper Lawn Care In Reno

Did you know that the best way to ensure a thick, green, and healthy lawn in the spring is to give it some proper care in the fall? Yep, that’s right – lawn care experts can say a BIG yes to that. If you think that the end of summer is also the end of maintaining your lawn, then you’re definitely wrong.

It doesn’t mean that when it’s autumn, your lawn requires lesser care, in fact, just the opposite true, especially in Reno. Fall is an ideal time to prepare your lawn for the next spring and since fall is already upon us, then you better start giving your lawn the tender, loving care that it needs.

Furthermore, you might be asking why? Well, here’s the explanation. When fall comes, the grass in your lawn is actively absorbing energy, moisture, and nutrients in preparation for a long, dormant winter.

So, don’t make the most common mistake among domestic lawns or landscapes, instead, learn the expert ways to make your landscaping successful. All the more, you should start paying attention to what you have to do this season. No worries, here are the seven secrets you ought to do to properly take good care of your lawn this fall.


  1. Rake The Leaves

raking-leavesThis season, a lot of leaves will certainly fall on your lawn – it may look like a good addition to color, but it’s not. Raking the leaves doesn’t even scream fun, but you have to do it as often as you can. Fallen leaves block the light and trap moisture which will affect the growth of your turf underneath. Besides, Reno is known to have 252 days of sunshine on average, and certainly you wouldn’t want your turf or lawn to miss that.

Aside from that, if the leaves will become wet from rain and morning dew, it will turn into a soggy mat that will suffocate the grass and breed fungal diseases that will lead to the death of the grass as well as other plants around it. So, don’t wait for the leaves to pile up – rake them immediately and avoid decaying mat to cause any harm.


  1. Aerate The Soil

aerate-soilFall is also an ideal time to loosen your soil and let it breathe. Doing aeration once every couple of years allows water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the soil faster. If not, your soil will form become compressed and covered with a layer of thatch (excessive accumulation of dead organic matter on your lawn such as stems, roots, and leaves, etc.) which will hinder all the nourishment that your lawn needs.

In order to do this, you can manually a border fork into the soil, or use a hollow Tiner, which pulls out plugs of soil. On the other hand, if you prefer to do it in a faster way, you can rent or purchase a gas-powered, walk-behind lawn aerator.


  1. Fill In Thin Or Bald Spots

lawn-bald-spotsDid you see any thin or bald spots in your lawn recently? Then fill them up this fall. One way to do this is to reseed your lawn to make it dense. After aerating your soil, it’s best to start spreading seed to your existing turf this fall because the ground is still warm, it’s not so hot during the day, moisture is ample and the nights are cool.

Using a garden rake, loosen the soil at the thin or bald spot in your lawn then spread certified seeds (almost purely grass seed with very little weed seeds and no fillers) or you can opt for lawn repair mixtures, just check and ask local garden shops for these.

Now, one of the most effective techniques to cure bald spots is reseeding. For this procedure, you have to use the right type of grass considering the climate and soil in Reno. According to experts, the best choice is Perennial Rye Grass which grows fast in the spring and fall. There are other good options such as Bermuda grass, Fescue Grass and Kentucky Blue grass. What’s common with these grass types? They’re all highly drought tolerant and can withstand the heat, specifically the climate in Reno which is mostly sunny.

You can plant Bermuda in spring and reseed with Perennial Rye in fall. Or, you can opt for other grass types we’ve mentioned previously and reseed using the same grass.


  1. Don’t Slack On Watering

sprinklerNow, after you have done tips #2 and #3, the next thing you have to do is to continue watering your lawn. Watering is essential for the grass to flourish especially after reseeding your soil. When the temperature gets cooler, it’s paramount to keep the grass roots and all evergreens sufficiently watered in order to avoid dehydration in the winter which is why regular watering is required.

To do this, you can install sprinklers or irrigation system and keep them working until the end of October. You should only stop watering your lawn when the ground freezes, regardless of the snowfall that you anticipate. On average, Reno is receiving .08 inches of precipitation during fall which is why you still have to water your lawn once or twice to keep it hydrated before winter comes. It’s best to water one day a week, tapering off to every other week and might as well  check your irrigation system often for leaks, breaks in the line and broken sprinkler heads.

Note: TMWA (Truckee Meadows Water Authority) holds irrigation workshops each year for free which aims to assist customers with system start up, setting controllers for weather – wise watering. You can attend to these workshops and be aware of proper irrigation.


  1. Fertilize The Soil

spreading-fertilizerIn as much as your lawn needs watering, it also requires nourishment by fertilizing. Experts reveal that the ideal time of year to fertilize your lawn is during fall. It is because the grass roots grow quickly during this season hence, application of fertilizer aids in root growth, disease protection, drought tolerance, and cold resistance. Aside from that, it also keeps nutrients in reserve just in time for the next spring.

Apply the fertilizers evenly and make sure that the quantity is just right: don’t overdo or underdo it. Be mindful as well of the waterways in your area when you fertilize your lawn, make sure to maintain at least a 5-foot buffer in order to avoid contamination.

If you applied fertilizer in the fall, you don’t need to fertilize until May. Now, in choosing the fertilizer, it has to contain balanced nutrients and you have to check the label. Nitrogen, phosphorous and magnesium are just three of the most important content of the fertilizer you should choose.


  1. Get Rid Of Weeds

weed-controlAlright, even if the temperature drops and the weather get colder, weeds are still as annoying as ever. Weeds compete with the grass in your lawn in terms of absorbing nutrients, energy, and water, and that’s not good in keeping your lawn healthy.

Landscape professionals suggest that keeping a dense lawn is one of the most effective ways to keep the weeds out and you can ensure that by following all the steps that we’ve mentioned previously. Aside from that, you can also get rid of weeds using herbicides – just make sure that you read and understand the instructions found on the label. Or, you can do it naturally, which is preferable in order not to affect the grass.


  1. Keep On Mowing

lawn-mower-Regardless of the cold temperature, you have to continue mowing your lawn. If you let the grass blades grow too long, it’ll shade other blades around them as well as competing to get enough amount of sunlight. Keep your grass at an ideal 2½- to 3-inch height so there is enough surface area for the sun to shed its rays.

This will avoid grass from turning brown or withering during winter. To do this, simply lower your blades one notch, or set the blades at the lowest mowing height recommended for your grass type. Almost all of the grass that grow in Reno are cool season grass, which grows taller than warm season grass, hence, two- to three-inch deep mowing heights are recommended for these grasses such as: bluegrass, fescues and ryegrass.

Remember, always use a sharp blade when mowing your lawn and never mow wet grass. You can leave grass clippings on the lawn to return nutrients to the soil. Reno soil is mostly heavy, tight clay soils devoid of organic matter and nutrients. Hence, the more organic matter you apply to your lawn, the better. You can also pile up the grass clipping along with dried leaves, animal manure, and other organic materials to make a compost.


Overall, following the steps we mentioned above will certainly put you on the right track in preparing your lawn for spring. Regardless of which city or state you are in, or if you’re in Reno, these tricks are guaranteed to provide positive results. Expert landscapers in Reno, Nevada suggest that your lawn health plays a crucial role in landscaping and gardening which is why it is of utmost importance that you shouldn’t slack in taking care of it. So, if you’re planning to start a landscaping project, autumn is also a good time for it. Before you start worrying, don’t hesitate to ask landscaping professionals for the best ideas.

Landscaping 101

GardenThe process or activity which includes creating an environment that has been modified to look beautiful in a piece of land area is called landscaping. This art requires a lot of skill patience to achieve the desired outcome. Imagination and creativity is also very essential qualities that a landscapist, a person who does landscaping, need to have.

Getting Started

At this stage of getting started in landscaping, the skill that is most important would be your imaginative skills and creativity. This is very essential in planning and conceptualizing what your supposedly modified area would look like. The look and appearance of you landscape depends on how you think and imagine it to be.

Planning on getting started also requires the landscapist to be very resourceful. This is essential because various materials and plants would be needed to complete and accomplish the process of landscaping. Without good resources, the landscape you would be accomplishing would look so bare and lifeless.

Putting into Detail

This is the next step in the process of landscaping. Once all materials and resources you would need in your modification and gardening is ready, you are good to go. This step in here requires patience and hard work.

Sometimes you would also need help in accomplishing a project if you think that you can’t do it by yourself or if you think that you are not skilled enough to do the work required to make beautiful scenery in your backyard or lawn. If you do this, you would also be assured that what you put in your landscape is the way you want it to turn out.

Maintenance Madness

Completing a beautiful landscape can never be achieved in an instant. It requires time because some of the elements you place in your garden need time to grow like plants. Also, other elements you install may need more time to look like it was just there naturally and not installed. This is the most essential part in keeping and accomplishing a successful landscaped garden.

Maintaining a landscape is not an easy task. You have to check on your garden on a regular basis and see what is needed like watering the plant and pulling out weeds that may destroy the look of your garden.

The Satisfaction

When you accomplish a beautiful garden, there exists joy and satisfaction in your part. This feeling comes from the pride of having done or created something that is very aesthetically beautiful. Much more satisfaction and feeling of pride would be achieved when people appreciate your garden. That would mean that you are successful in what you finished.

Landscaping: Making the Scene

landscapeEverybody wants that scene where they can relax and drink their coffee early in the morning in a very beautiful view of a tropical garden. Actually, you can do this – right in the comfort of your own yard. You don’t have to have that costly vacation trips in other beautiful places!

Landscaping is any activity that is said to alter or modify the feature of a land area such as plants, land terrain, water and elevation and other materials and structures. It is also said to be both a science and an art that requires one to have good observational skills and design abilities.

So basically, landscaping requires a person who wants to indulge in this sort of activity and art to have a good imagination and building skills. This also requires full indulgence in taking good care of the landscaped or modified area because it needs attention and maintenance.

Free Space to WOW

A vast land area is not really required in order for one to be involved in landscaping. An open free space in the backyard or lawn will do – all it needs is your creativity and skills in transforming it to a beautiful piece of scenery.

Another skill that a successful landscapist must have is resourcefulness. Remember, not everything you put in the area to be modified is supposed to be bought. It is much better if you place items that are commonly found in the surroundings to make it look more natural.

Challenge: Making It Look the Way You Want It

There is no question with one’s own imagery of the scenery he or she wants to see in his landscape. The problem is the process of making it look the way you really want it to look like. It takes a lot of skill to put into detail the image of the landscape in your head.

Here’s the deal, you can get help if you want to see what you want in your head. You can get help from a person, be it a professional landscapist or not, for as long as he or she possess the skills that can be used in gardening.

Your Very Own

Isn’t it a very nice feeling when you know that you have created something beautiful and good looking on your own? You would have a big smile on your face to see people noticing your creation and much more when they appreciate it the way you do. It feels like all the efforts and patience paid off with every good and appreciative you hear.

Adding up to that feeling would be the pride of having something beautiful in your own home. Even if you would just be having coffee in the garden table you installed near your man-made waterfall, it would be very relaxing. Imagine that your garden would be the envy of your neighbors or much better if you drive them to make their very own landscape?

What are you waiting for? CREATE.