Fall Gardening Tips for the San Diego Gardener

fall gardenSummer is ending soon and for many gardeners, fall is not their favorite season of the year. After all, springtime is the favorite season of the year. It is the time when humans and plants alike love to welcome the warm rays of sunshine. Every living object seems to joyously sprout in this time of the year. However, fall should not hinder you from continuing to nurture a garden. In fact, fall season can have its perks when it comes to gardening.

Take Advantage of Deals in Farmer’s Markets and Garden Centers

Since many people do not find fall as an ideal season to plant, many remainder plants are put up on sales in farmer’s markets and garden centers. Yes, they may look lonely and forgotten in racks but you can always have the choice to take them home and find them a good pace to grow. These plants need nurturing and would do better if planted in gardens than for them to be left on racks.

End of season sales are numerous by late summer. You can find annuals and perennials on sale. Although annuals are good, it would be best to choose perennials instead. They would have greater chances of surviving and thriving during fall season compared to annuals. The good thing about buying plants during sales is that you can always haggle for the price especially if the plant does not look as healthy as it should be.

In addition to plants, many garden tools are also on sale during this time so it would be a good way to invest on several gardening tools especially on expensive ones. You can expect to save as much as 50% or even bigger. Some sellers would even offer “Buy one, get one” deals on plants and small gardening tools.

Fall is Actually an Ideal Season for Planting

autumn gardenNot many people realize this but fall actually makes an ideal time for re-planting, transplanting and planting bulbs. During this time, the ground is warmer and the heat of the sun is not that scorching. When the soil is warm, it is easier to dig and it encourages root growth. Since the heat is not that intense, it would not easily leave the foliage to dry quickly. Plants do not require to be watered as frequently as during summer time.

Young trees, when transplanted during end of summer up to fall, would have greater chances of thriving. Same goes when perennial plants will be divided and re-planted. Bulbs should be planted during falls season in order for them to sprout just in time for spring season. It would be good for perennials and trees to be planted during fall so their roots can have ample time to take hold before winter season freezes them.

Cold Frames and Hot Beds to the Rescue

There are always ways to nurture your plants no matter what the season of the year is. For instance, cold frames can be employed to protect plants from too much cold or from excessive exposure to wet season. It looks like a mini greenhouse with transparent covers or walls to let the light penetrate in.

A hot bed, on the other hand, uses fresh horse manure topped with soil as a garden bed. The decomposition of fresh horse manure releases heat in the ground which protects the plant’s roots from excessive cold. Hot beds are commonly used from fall to winter seasons to help plants survive.

If you want to know more about gardening tips and tricks, it would be best to ask local gardeners in your area. They are familiar with your area’s climate and can also refer resources you need for fall gardening.

Photo Credits: kbowenwritersharon_k